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Create with Us, Invest in the Future of Robotics

AI ROBOTICS is revolutionizing service robotics. Be a pioneer.

Let's build the future of robotics

At AI Robotics, we are much more than a company; we are visionaries of service robotics in France. Our passion and dedication to innovation have led us to create a range of revolutionary robots.

Our goal is clear: we aim to propel French service robotics to new heights. We are committed to becoming the undisputed French leader in this industry by 2030.

To achieve this ambitious goal, we need your support. Your investment will help us accelerate our development, refine our technologies, and create even more groundbreaking solutions.


Project Objective

- Raise €10 million in funding from potential investors.
- Seize opportunities and achieve ambitious strategic objectives.

Our Mission

- Provide advanced robotic solutions for service robotics.
- Address emerging needs in sectors such as food service, hospitality, healthcare, and retail.

Your Role as an Investor

- Become a key partner in our journey.
- Acquire a stake in the company commensurate with your investment and receive annual dividends.

Contribute to the Global Development of AI Robotics

In our quest to revolutionize global service robotics, we have ambitious international horizons. We plan to expand our presence in key countries such as Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. These strategic locations will serve as essential production hubs to meet the growing demand for our innovative service robots.

Revolution in Robotics

Explore key figures that reflect the growth and potential of the robotics sector, paving the way for an exciting technological revolution.


Major companies are planning to adopt service robots


Estimation of the Robotics Market Value in 2025


Annual Growth Rate of Robotics
Opportunity and Success

Be an Innovation Player, Invest Now